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What's in my closet? A classic tunic shirt. This one I purchased in a grey stripe from H & M (similar styles here). I love the fit because its so comfortable and lightweight. I wore my with jeans, but tunics can also be worn as a dress, like this one. It's so cool and ultra feminine for any woman with a busy schedule. So I added my bucket bag, classic black loafers, and coat into the mix. 

These last couple of days has been, not short of, amazing. I feel like this year is already by going fast. Maybe because its February. Maybe because it was unusually warm this week. Yesterday I went to get my coffee for the day, since it was nice out, and wore some pieces from my most recent shopping trip. I spulrged at H & M and bought this large bucket bag. What I like about this bag is the detachable shoulder strap. With or without it, this bag is a winner. The leoapard flats are also from H & M. They're so cute. Honestly, every woman needs one pair of these in their closet. Its a must. With this cardigan and bucket bag, it's a nice contrast of colors. And that's what it all about.

What's consistent about winter in New Jersey is the drop in temperature. It's gets so cold here. You never know what to expect. That's all the more reason to have the right outerwear for winter. A coat is a must have. My coat is by Columbia, as seen in A Denim Winter is ideal because it has omniheat and is super affordable. I love the length of the coat hitting just above my knees. My hat and scarf are both from H & M. Of course, its in my favorite neutral color and they go with everything. I live in this hat because some days I don't want to do my hair. Being cold doesn't mean you can't be stylish. 

Hotel Shocard is a beautiful space tucked inside the city that never sleeps. My stay here was relaxing and filled with pure bliss. What I really enjoyed about this hotel before my arrival is the location. It's a few blocks away from Times Square- movie theater, transportation, starbucks, and dining restaurants. So convienent for locals and tourists. My room was small but very cozy and felt like a retreat from the craziness of NYC. I was so obsessed with the bathroom. For my many reasons I might add. First, the beautiful subway tiles, from the floor to the walls. The gold detailing and light fixtures made the space feel big. Every where I turn there was so much light. 
Hotel Shocard
206 W 41stNew York, NY
Hotel Indigo Newark Downtown
810 Broad St
Newark, NJ

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to stay at a different hotel in the city or where I live. This is something I always wanted to do and be able to share my experiences. Its been incredible so far. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to stay one night at Hotel Indigo in downtown Newark. Its a hidden gem in city that's rebuilding filled with great amenities. 
What I got is this beautiful queen bed with lots of light in my room. It was so spacious. Very welcoming with a modern decor to match. I loved the exposed brick wall and the shed door for the bathroom. I went outside to get snacks + water to enjoy my stay. All I did was be in awe of my spacious hotel room and watch movies. That's exactly how I wanted it. To relax and enjoy doing nothing. Ah! 

This floor length mirror was everything. So I had to a picture for the gram, of course, lol! My one night at Hotel Indigo was peaceful, relaxing, and so welcoming. I truly enjoyed myself. The staff were friendly and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. 

Pressed Juicery in New York is so convenient. There are so many locations to visit. So when I needed to pick up a few drinks for my first cleanse, I went to Pressed Juicery on Lexington Ave. I purchased the cleanse for first timers, this included 6 drinks for $30. Upon waking up, you have your first drink, then your next juice every two hours. I was excited to try each juice and see what flavors were like. My favorites were Citrus 2 (pineapple, mint, apple, lemon), and Greens 2 (kale, cucumber, parsley, romaine, spinach, celery, apple, lemon). Both juices tasted so good that I just wanted more. The most challenging to drinks were the juices with ginger inside (Greens 3, Roots 2), because it added a little spice to it. Talk about flavor! 

What I did enjoy drinking between each juice were the Aloe & Chlorophyll Waters. Both contain essential vitamins and minerals. I was definitely hydrated throughout the day and it helped keep my focused on the cleanse. 

What do I love about Winter? Besides, the holiday drinks from my favorite cafes. It's dressing up for the cold weather. The first thing I went shopping for was a great coat. One that I could layer under and was long in length. What caught my eye was Columbia's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket. I bought my coat in black and I absolutely love it. Its water resistant and comes with Omni-Heat, which keeps you warm in super cold weather. 

Yesterday was the perfect day to wear my coat with light layers. I paired it with a chambray shirt and distressed jeans all from Old Navy. I've been waiting to wear this jeans and boy, was I happy! The distressed details is so cute and I love the way these jeans fit. 

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