Checkered Button Up

14 June 2015

Button Up: (Similar Styles here)
Patterned Pants: (H & M)

Button up shirts are a classic. I wear them all year round and always buy them in bundles more so than plain t-shirts. This particular checkered button up I got from H & M and like always there were only a few left. I hate it when that happens even though I do have the tendency to wait until the last minute to go shopping. What gives it the finishing touch is the arm patch! It warms my heart when my favortie retail store knows exactly what I'm looking for in a button up. Key colors that I always have in my wardrobe is white, black, grey, and navy. They maybe standard colors but minimalism goes all way when it comfort and style. I love this shirt and how verstaile it is in every season. In the summer, I would wear it around my waist over cut out shorts and sandals. In the fall, a black leather with some chucks and of course, button around my waist. The options are endless. 


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