The Many Colors of the Luna Park Waterproof Cleansing Device

19 May 2016


The LUNA play’s 2-zone facial brush features finer touch-points which 
cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, while thicker touch-points provide a deep and precise cleansing on areas like the T-zone.

How to Use Luna Play

1. Apply

2. Cleanse

3. Rinse

This week's editor picks on is the limited edition waterproof cleansing device from Luna Play by Foreo. At first glance, this device reminds me of the beauty blender because of the shape and I like that. What I also like, besides it being waterproof, is that its can be used for uneven skin tone and dry skin. So if you have dry skin I recommend trying this. What the beauty blender is to foundation, the Luna Play is to your cleanser. It's super easy to use and gentle on your skin. 

On Foreo, there's a smaller version available here as well as one made for men (black). The Luna Play comes in 7 colors - Fuschia, Midnight, Mint, Pearl Pink, SunFlower Yellow, Aquamarine, Purple. Each use of this device will bring your skin that much closer to a brighter, more youthful look. Another thing I like about this is the size. I never buy products if I know it won't fit in my cosmetics bag. In the past year, I've spoiled myself with travel size or sample size products. The only time I have a full size is when I store it on my bathroom vanity.
So if you want to try something new and see a difference in your skin, the Luna Park waterproof cleansing device maybe for you. Check out the reviews on and see if this product is right for you. 

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