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It's June!
My favorite thing about summer is just enjoying being outdoors. Traveling in style and those cozy, endless nights. What can I say! I am a summer baby.

My first post for June is all about this #ootd I wore last month. I love wearing button shirts. This one I wore before, seen hereIts perfect to layer over for winter, but super cute for spring. I will probably wear it again simply because its so comfortable. That's something I always shop for. What I can't get enough of are these loafers. I wear them with everything. They're so cute and my feet never hurt. I love them with this shirt especially. 

What's my obsession this summer? Collecting bags in every style.
When I attended Create & Cultivate, I wore this beautiful Vinyl Shopper bag from Zara to compliment my outfit. I love the color. I bought the bag because its different from what I usually get. It matched my shoes with the vinyl material and I couldn't be happier with it. What's also cute about it is the removable leather pocket. It's so cute! I use that little guy as a coin purse for errands almost everyday. 

On my coffee run yesterday, I wore this bag for the second time. Yes, the second time!! I kind of think of it as a special occasion bag, but that's going to change. It's too cute to keep inside my closet all summer. So daily errands and cute coffee shops will be the perfect way to show off my new Vinyl Shopper bag

Cheers to endless summer nights!

On May 10, The Yellow Conference held its first event in NYC at 501 Union st. in Brooklyn. This 1-day conference was my first to attend as well. The conference opened up with a choreographed dance followed by meditation. After that, there were a series of speakers who talked about their companies and what it took to get where they are know. These women are entrepreneurs we can be inspired by while on our own journey to success. I thoroughly enjoyed each speaker and left feeling fulfilled that I'm on the right path. 

Industry City,
220 36th street
Brooklyn, NY

Create & Cultivate come back to New York this weekend for a day information and inspiration. This was my first conference and it didn't disappoint. There were so many vendors, plenty of food, and places to capture the perfect instagram photo. Create & Cultivate really outdid themselves with this incredible conference. As a VIP attendee, I could pick my track number and mentors. I went with Track 1, which focused on entrepreneurship and growing your brand. Each panel was so informative and all about be true to your vision. My favorite speaker was Sharifa Murdock during the LaunchPad: How to Build your Brand and Bring it To Market panel. I related to her discussion about breaking barriers as a woman of color and believing in your brand. She was encouraging and spoke so much truth!

After the panel, it was time for lunch in the food hall. I nimbled on chips and ate a delicious burger. Then, stopped by most of the popup shops next to the food hall. Tried some products, took some pictures, and got more snacks to nimble on. I was never hungry at this conference. After lunch time and mentor session, that I missed to check out the popups, it was panel time with Amber Heard, actor and activist, at the main stage. 

Create & Cultivate was so much fun. I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend. This day was jam packed with information, networking, and keeping fueled throughout the day. It was never a dull moment. The VIP ticket was worth the money spent. What sealed the day was the gift bag. OMG! There were so many cool products inside and treats to snack on. I can say right now this will never be my last conference I'm attending. It was a blast!

Why am I an icon? Well, because I believe in my dreams. I believe in myself. I am an icon in the making. When I first started Notably Grey I wasn't sure what blogging was. It was new to me. The closest thing I ever done to it was writing in my journal everyday. That was my outlet before the internet took over. After blogging for a few years, I learned so much along the way. To be true to yourself and your vision. The importance of consistency, but not rushing the path to success. What I love about blogging is everyday is a new opportunity to create and collaborate. After attending Create & Cultivate this past weekend, I am inspired more than ever. The vision for Notably Grey is getting brighter. My journey is mine alone. 

I am an icon because Notably Grey will be my success.

My legacy!

What a week it has been. It has been eventful and given me much need relaxation. There are so many great events coming up and I can't contain my excitement. My calendar is filling up quickly! The cherry on top was seeing these lovely cherry blossoms outside. So beautiful. Every tree came to life and it just makes this time of year so exciting. With a view like this, all this pink made me think of my causebox. I’m still gushing over it.
Utterly obsessed with Cleobella silk scarf and this beautiful Megan Portfolio clutch from Causebox ( read here ). I will be bringing my clutch with me this Friday when I attend Create & Cultivate in Brooklyn.

I'm going to Create & Cultivate next month. My very first conference in my hometown. Excitement is an understatement. It was a hard decision deciding between which tickets to purchase, G.A. or VIP, for this conference. I want the full experience as a first timer so I decided to VIP. I'm so excited. Perks that come with it includes picking your mentors and track number. Deciding between Track 1 or Track 2 wasn't easy either. There are so many great panelists. It's going to be day of jam packed information. Utlimately, I picked Track 1 which focuses on growing your brand and entrepreneurship. It fits with my goals for the blog and expanding to other ventures. 
With Create & Cultivate next month, my welcome kit arrived this week. This box is so aborable and in pink. I love this color. What's inside is my VIP badge, my mentors card, ticket to VIP lounge, and some cool pins to wear the day of the conference. I just want to pinch myself because this is what I wanted to do this year. Attend a Create & Conference and network. Meet other women who love blogging and support each other. My goal is coming true and this will lead more inspiring events to attend. 

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