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Autumn in South Orange is the most magical time of the year.  Seasons change. The weather becomes colder. Iced coffees become hot ones. Love is thriving in abundance. I truly love the autumn time. Although, it did feel weird my coat for first time since April. I’m not complaining since I’ve shopped for new winter clothes including a beige peacot and loafers. This scar I’m wearing is by designer, Peter Som, and seen in post here. I love the colors and how cozy the scarf feels. It’s so essential to have a great scarf to keep you warm. As always enjoying the colder weather doesn’t make sense without a cup of coffee. So my mom and I visited our local cafe, Jackie & Son’s. We both ordered iced latte, with mine having almond milk. It was so good! It’s going to feel good having hot coffee again especially an caramel macchiato to warm my hands as I sip my drink. The chills I have!

 Today I’m unboxing the Fall 2020 Causebox. What I like about this month’s box is how it aligns with my focus on self-care. October has been an awakening month for me. Focusing on what makes me happy. Embracing a healthier lifestyle. Spreading self-love by enjoying the simple things, which is what the Fall Causebox is all about. Sustainable products curated for you to cater to your everyday life. Bringing joy in the simplicity of life! Since beginning my health journey, I have used everything I except the serum. Don’t worry, I will! So are you curious to see what’s inside? Let’s take a peek.

What’s Inside?

1. Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in charcoal. Also, available in mint. I choose this product instead of the towel set because I need a bathrobe. This one is cozy and feels good to wear after a hot shower.  

2. The Green Co. Set of 10 reusable facial pads. One scrubs your face clean, while the other gently applies. These are so convenient to add into my skincare routine.  

3. Core Bamboo Set. The bamboo in this is organically grown, FSC certified, and antibacterial. How cool is that? Every set comes with a cutting/serving boards, a spatula, and tongs! I've been using this bamboo set ever since I got it to prep and serve all my food. 

4. Tease Tea 3-in-1 Tea and Fruit Tumbler. Its made with bamboo, glass, and stainless steel. I love using this for my coffee and fruit infusions. Keeps it fresh throughout the day.

5. Volim Love Scrub. Exfoliates. Hydrates. Leaving the skin feeling flawless. I used this a couple times so far and I love the process of applying it to my skin. It feels great! 

6. Way of Will Brightening Face Serum. Made with Vitamin A and C. This little beauty is an amazing addition to keep my skin hydrating. Very lightweight and smells good. 

What I Love About This Box

I didn’t order my usual avocado smash from one of my favorites cafes. Instead, I indulged in filling a breakfast treat. Pancakes! That’s right. I haven’t had pancakes in awhile and I was craving some. Luckily, the Order cafe has pancakes on their menu for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. What I imagined their pancakes to look like surpassed my expectations. The best part is that each order of pancakes is made with their own batter. Fresh and served just for you. I love how fluffy they arrived, topped with fresh fruit and whipping cream. Of course, I took my time devouring this masterpiece of deliciousness. 

For drinks, I ordered a dirty chai latte. Sweet, yet savory. The dirty chai latte is the perfect compliment to The Order’s pancakes. The sweetness of the coffee to the warmth of this delicious pancakes. I admit as much as I wanted to finish these pancakes, I couldn’t. I was full halfway through, yet I still wanted more. More pancakes! 

 The day after my birthday brunch continued at one of my local cafe shops, The Order. There was outdoor dining which was great because the weather was cool. It's nice to eat out and enjoy the experience. I ordered the avocado smash with an iced matcha latte. My mother ordered hummus and naan and a iced latte with almond. As always, the food was incredible. I love avocado toast and the only time I will eat feta is will that, although I had mine with eat. At a previous job, I would have avocado toast with feta and prosciutto

Happy Birthday to Me! August 24 is the day I was born 32 years ago. I am grateful to be on this earth and surrounded by love. Grateful for my health. Life is beautiful when you focus on self love and living for your higher purpose.

 Being the Virgo that I am, planning my birthday festivities is what I enjoy the most. That is what makes me happy, truly! The celebration started at Charlie Bird, an Italian inspired restaurant, located in Soho. As many times as I walked around that area, I never noticed Charlie Bird until now. It's a hidden gem! To start, drinks were needed. My brother and I had the recommended, "Normal Was Boring", along with Prosecco by the bottle.  I was sold on the Normal Was Boring when the waitress said tequila was in it. Who can say no to tequila, right! For brunch, I ordered Mushroom Frittata. My brother ordered Salmon Tartare with Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe. My mother ordered the Bucatini Fra Diavolo. 

Experiencing the food at Charlie Bird complimented with the impeccable service made my birthday truly special. I felt the love and joy of being able to celebrate my birthday in a positive way. The best was saved for last. Dessert! The birthday girl was treated to Chocolate Budino, made with rice krispies and olive oil gelato. Top with a single candle, I made my wish! It was beauitful. Thank you, Charlie Bird! 

Next, we walked around MacDougal St. to find a spot for drinks after brunch. The vibe outside was lively. Music was booming and people were everywhere enjoying themselves.

The City, New York, is and will never be dead. Just because Coovid-19 has stalled businesses in every industry doesn't mean the city is dead. In fact, it is very much alive. Over the weekend, I visited the Vessel nestled inside the Hudson Yards. Fun Fact: The centerpiece of the Hudson Yards is its spiral staircase, a soaring new landmark meant to be climbed. It's crazy to see what developers can do with the space in such little time. I remember when the Hudson Yards was still in development, now its magnificent to see. The Highline is my spot to walk around. The Vessel will be the spot to truly appreciate how resilient the city is. When you have a dream, the city will inspire you to go after it no matter what. Just visiting this landmark made me feel that and more. Let's not forget how instagrammable the Vessel is. I was not the only, certainly won't be the last, to take countless pictures there. Every angle is a shot. Literally! 

Once the pandemic is over, I can't wait to go inside the Vessel. Walk all the way to top and be in awe of the view. It's going to be incredible. 


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