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I have a treat to share this month. I subscribed to The Box of Style by Rachael Zoe starting with their summer box. It's luxury style curated for you to fulfill your every need. There are two subscriptions to choose, annual or VIP membership. I opt for annual specifically for this month's. Why? Just look what's inside. Five incredible products curated at an exclusive price. 
Take A Peek

1. Henny + Lev Canvas Weekender

2. Peter Som Dream Floral Sarong

3. Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream 

4. Kosas Color + Light Palette

5. Panacea Beaded Tassel Earrings

The sunlight beaming through my window yesterday gave me inspiration to take these pictures. I love how they came out.

Some of us drink coffee daily. A cup in the morning. A matcha latte here. An  espresso there! The access to coffee is everywhere. What about cold brew? I had my first cup of cold brew last weekend. It was refreshing. The process of making cold brew is simple. Basically, you soak ground coffee for 12 to 24 hours, and then extract the concentrate out. Though its more concentrated than regular brewed coffee. 

What Are The Benefits?
The many benefits of cold brew amazes me. 
-Including the fact that's its less acidic than hot coffee, which is better for your teeth long term. 
-May boost your metabolism. Since cold brew contains caffeine, studies show that a higher metabolic rates, the more calories you're likely to burn off.
-May lower your risk of heart disease. Fun Fact: cold brew contains phenolic compounds, caffeine, quinides, magnesium, trigoneline, and lignans. 
-May coat your stomach better than hot coffee since cold brew has less acidity.
-May lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Drinking 4-6 cups of coffee per day has been proven to lower the risk. Mainly, because of the chlorogenic acids, antioxidants found in coffee.

These are some of the benefits of cold brew and a good reason to try it. Plus, it's so easy to make at home. I've been drinking Starbucks cold brew and absolutely love it. I will take my own advice and make some cold brew at home soon.

This weekend was beautiful and much needed. Getting coffee with my mom has become our thing. It’s a great way to catch up and share how the week has been for both of us. In between coffee runs, I managed to do some shopping. Here and there, of course! If you noticed people wearing tie dye lately, I’ve become obsessed with this trend. Tie dye shirts. Tie dye pants. You name it! My outfit I wore this past weekend included this beautiful drop shoulder tie dye shirt from Shein. The colors remind of the sunset in the city with the clouds in the background. Very picturesque! This shirt is so comfortable and true to size! I also love how it compliments my shoulder bag from H&M. The warms colors just brightens up my day. 
 Spend the morning with me as I make coffee with my new coffee machine. This is Mr. Coffee, a 12 cup switch coffee maker, that’s available at Target. My mom bought this for me since she knows how much I love coffee. Between Starbucks iced matcha and caramel frappuccino, my taste for coffee is limitless. Brewed coffee is just as delicious. Even though it’s not for everyone, I do enjoy a cup to start my morning off right. 

Today I am making brewed coffee in toasted hazelnut. When it comes to regular that is one of my favorite roasts beside French vanilla. 
Let's talk about my coffee table, shall we! As you all should know by now is that I love my coffee. The aroma is soothing and sets my mood for the day. For my apartment, its important to have furniture that reflect my aesthetic. 

What I wanted for my living area is a coffee table with storage. One that didn't require a lot of space. I browsed a few options on Wayfair that I like, but ultimately loved this coffee table. The Nadell coffee table with a barnwood finish. It adds a cozy touch to the space making my apartment feel like home. 

Saturday was the first time I ventured out into the world since the outbreak of Coovid-19. It felt weird being out but I missed it. I missed being around people even though I'm an introvert. The beauty of quarantine is that brings perspective on what truly matters. The first week of vacation was spent sleeping a lot. Buying furniture and decor for my apartment. The second week I'm looking forward to giving Notably Grey a makeover. Then, going on more coffee runs with my mom lol. 

This past week Starbucks opened some of their stores for takeout and delivery. So this Saturday was spent getting coffee from Starbucks with my mom. The weather wasn't perfect, but that didn't stop us. I ordered my favorite drink, a delicious venti caramel macchiato, and my mom ordered a nonfat latte with almond milk.  I enjoy my coffee so much. The separation between the milk, caramel, and coffee gets me everytime. For Mother's Day, I treated my mom for coffee. Instead of getting my usual, I opted for something different. So I ordered a grande caramel cloud macchiato. It was so good especially with the foam added on top.  
Oddly enough getting my coffee went smoothly even while wearing a mask and social distancing, but is this the new normal? Wearing a mask in public settings even after Coovid-19 is over. Will the virus ever disappear? Those are questions people will be asking from now. Paranoia will be at an all time high. I'm just going to take it one coffee cup at a time. 
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