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Let's talk about my coffee table, shall we! As you all should know by now is that I love my coffee. The aroma is soothing and sets my mood for the day. For my apartment, its important to have furniture that reflect my aesthetic. 

What I wanted for my living area is a coffee table with storage. One that didn't require a lot of space. I browsed a few options on Wayfair that I like, but ultimately loved this coffee table. The Nadell coffee table with a barnwood finish. It adds a cozy touch to the space making my apartment feel like home. 

Saturday was the first time I ventured out into the world since the outbreak of Coovid-19. It felt weird being out but I missed it. I missed being around people even though I'm an introvert. The beauty of quarantine is that brings perspective on what truly matters. The first week of vacation was spent sleeping a lot. Buying furniture and decor for my apartment. The second week I'm looking forward to giving Notably Grey a makeover. Then, going on more coffee runs with my mom lol. 

This past week Starbucks opened some of their stores for takeout and delivery. So this Saturday was spent getting coffee from Starbucks with my mom. The weather wasn't perfect, but that didn't stop us. I ordered my favorite drink, a delicious venti caramel macchiato, and my mom ordered a nonfat latte with almond milk.  I enjoy my coffee so much. The separation between the milk, caramel, and coffee gets me everytime. For Mother's Day, I treated my mom for coffee. Instead of getting my usual, I opted for something different. So I ordered a grande caramel cloud macchiato. It was so good especially with the foam added on top.  

Oddly enough getting my coffee went smoothly even while wearing a mask and social distancing, but is this the new normal? Wearing a mask in public settings even after Coovid-19 is over. Will the virus ever disappear? Those are questions people will be asking from now. Paranoia will be at an all time high. I'm just going to take it one coffee cup at a time. 
I signed the lease for my first apartment in October. One of my proudest moments thus far. It’s a 945 sq feet studio apartment with two closets. The building itself has been renovated and is super clean. It also comes with a laundry room, a mailroom and a gym. 

I’m a firm believer in making your first place truly feel like home. I consider my apartment to be just that. A space where I can relax and commit to doing nothing all day. For my apartment decor ideas I visited Pinterest on how to make small spaces look big. The main goal is not to clutter the space. For essentials, IKEA has fulfilled my kitchen needs whereas Target has hit the nailed on the head with the amount of cozy blankets I purchased from them. What I love about my kitchen is the counter space and cabinet storage. One of my decor ideas is to put a bench and small table by the window. 

I recently purchased a few items for the living area. I have this Nadell coffee table with storage. The table top finish is in reclaimed barnwood. It goes perfectly with the Abbeville Oriental Cream/Brown area rug. The colors match the aesthetic I'm aiming for with my apartment decorations! I will be adding books as I go to put inside my coffee table. What I look forward to adding more are fresh flowers to fill my ceramic block vase, which I got in white. 

Coovid-19 is a rising pandemic that has put everyone's life on hold. No longer can we dine out with friends and family, at least for now. Most restaurants and small businesses are doing takeout and delivery only while we are quarantined. What I’m doing is reminiscing about my past visits to The Order cafe. Their food is incredible and the service is family friendly. Brunch in’ is a thing I like to do. What I order frequently is the avocado toast on sour dough bread. 
Coffee keeps me going throughout my crazy work schedule. My love affair with coffee began in middle school. My mom bought home a mocha frappuccino, I tried it, loved it, and have been hooked ever since. Simple. Now that has expanded to tasting different coffee roasts with the cutest latte art. So what's my drinks of choice? Typically, I order either an iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel or an iced matcha latte from Starbucks. When I'm at work, it's either an iced coffee or an iced matcha latte. In the city, I like to visit coffee shops with a combination of latte art and quirky coffee drinks. One of my favorite cafe is Cup & Cup. I love their red velvet latte and matcha latte. Then, there's Sweet Moment in lower Manhattan. They have the cutest bear latte art and some tasty coffee too. 

When I said I love the Fall Causebox, that's an understatement compared to the Winter Causebox. I like to call this one the cozy box because it has everything you need to pamper yourself all Winter. As an annual member, I have the option to customize my box. The first piece I chose was the knit throw blanket that was to available in two colors, Cream with pom poms or Slate with tassels. I chose Cream because it went with the decor of my apartment and I love pom poms. The blanket is thick and super cozy too. 

Since I moved into my apartment, I’ve fallen in love with mugs. The two custom mugs in the Winter causebox from Whitney Kerney is a great addition to my collection. The abstract design of these mugs is so beautiful. Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows will never look so good in one of these cups lol. 

What's inside the Winter Causebox?

Set of two custom mugs from Whitney Kerney
Luxe Jewelry Box from Samara
Knit Throw Blanket from Imani Collective
Set of earrings from Foxy Originals
Daily Hair Vitamin from Vitiv hair

The Order cafe recently opened in South Orange with a warm welcome from the neighborhood coffee addicts. I'm talking about myself. One can never have too many cafes to visit, right? The Order is spot my mom and I frequent because of their delicious food and friendly staff. I love love the matcha lattes. The vibe inside The Order is family friendly and very welcoming. Just like the food, the decor is a delight look at with the pastel colors and bird cage wallpaper to complete the space.

On Sunday, I had breakfast with my mom. She ordered turkey bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant, whereas I opted for 3 scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and a buttered sour dough. For drinks, my mom has latte and I, of course had a matcha latte. This time it was hot! The food tasted amazing! From what I enjoyed so far their eggs and avocado toast is absolutely amazing. I’m already planning my visit and can’t wait to try something new on The Order’s menu. 
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