The Perfect Graduation Dress

After 4 years of cramming for finals and midterms, stressing out over grades, and countless visits to Starbucks and the library I will finally transition from an undergraduate to a graduate in May. I will receive my Bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor concentration in Art History from Rutgers University. I always had a great appreciation for the arts and writing so it's been a pleasure to study them both rigorously over the years. This has enhanced my knowledge of fiction, poetry, and famous plays that dealt with tragedies and forbidden love. Also, because of studies I can go into a deep analysis of an art that I see from the Met and MoMa among other museum sites.

So since I'm graduating in May I figure it's best to start shopping for a dress to wear for my big day. Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment so I want to look my best in a dress and some killer heels. So I've browse through a few sites and narrowed down the kind of dress I want to wear. I want it to wear a dress that's either a fit and flared print or a bold color. The shoes will be kept simple so that it compliments the dress and my jewelry will be minimum. The dresses I'm featuring in this post are my favorites so far because I love the way it fits the body and the prints/colors are exactly what I'm looking for. I'm really excited to start narrowing down my options and trying on some dresses very soon.

Wish me luck.

Into The Row



  1. i really really really like the first dress :) and i love your blog :) following you hope you can follow me back <3<3


  2. Great and thanks you so much for commenting. I'm following as well.