This Year's Wishlist



2013 is going to be a big year for me for many reasons. First, I will be graduating from college in May with a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor concentration in Art History. I will be attending my first IFB Conference in February and Internet week in May. In August or September I will be going on my first cruise as a graduation present so it's important to make a wish list of the things I would love to add to my closet. I think I will purchase a classic Chanel bag as a graduation present to myself for those long 4 years of stress, studying, and trying to maintain my sanity. A new watch is what I need since my last one broke so a Michael Kors would be the perfect accessory.

All of these products are an investment that will last a lifetime. I may not be a big fan of labels but I do believe in spending money on something that's going to give you quality and durability. If I can put my whole life in my bag then I'm all for it and if I can wear something 10 years from now and it's still in great condition then what more could you ask for. I always prefer quality of quantity when it comes to clothing and accessories but it's extremely important to be wise. So think of you next splurge as an investment for the future.

Into The Row



  1. Yes you will. I want February to come already!

  2. The lineup for IFBCON is spectacular. Word on the street is that Tyson Bedford is going to be there to mingle with us.