I had a fantastic time at ifbcon this year. I met some great fashion bloggers, listened to some amazing speakers and panelists. Tyson Beckford made an appearance at the Monster Booth and he was such a sweetheart. Other booths included Alex and Ani, Bare Minerals, MailChimp, and Fekkai. I learned so much and I feel great about the future of my blog, Into The Row. I advise any and every blogger to attend at least one IFB conference because it will truly change your perspective about the longevity and profitable of blogging I will continue to develop my blog and hopefully someday I can turn it into a brand. My favorite panels and workshops are:

Screening of Diana Vreeland: "The Eye Has To Travel"

Panel 2
Elevating the conversation: The Key to Social Media Success

Panel 4
Affiliate Marketing: The Essential Revenue Stream for Bloggers

Panel 5
Keeping it Fresh: The Secrets to Blogging Longevity

Workshop 1
How to take great photos for your blog

Workshop 3
Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: How to get the most out of your content

Workshop 4
Beyond ads: New ways to Monetize your site

CEO Talk
Lisa Salzer, Founder of Lulu Frost
Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of Warby Parker Eyewear


                                      Photos from this year's conference will be uploaded soon!

                                                                          Into the Row


  1. Yes. It was great meeting you and I had a blast throughout the conference and the afterparty. I wish the conference was longer!

  2. Replies
    1. I can't wait for September to do it all over again.