Style Spotlight: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba always looks effortless in everything she wears. From the red carpet to the running errands, Jessica exudes a confidence that many women find hard to get when it comes to their clothes. You have to know your body and love what you wear. Personally, I love how Jessica has a mixture of low-high brands in her wardrobe. Some cool brands that I've seen her wear include Madewell, TopShop. It's a great way to add your own flavor to an outfit to make it your own. If I could raid this woman's closet I take her shoes, handbags and scarfs. Oh Jessica, why do you have to be so fashionable?

Into The Row


  1. Yes, she always looks great :)

  2. She really does do such a great job - looks effortless but chic every time!
    FashionEdible Blog

    1. Jessica is definitely one of the best dressed Hollywood moms out there. These chicks out here should take notes from her on how to dress appropiately and still be classy.


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