Chobani, Greek Yogurt with A Twist

I discovered Chobani a couple of months ago when I first tried the pomegranate with seeds. I have to admit that it has an acquired taste when you first open up the seal but once you dip into it that all changes. What I love about it is that its healthy and it fills you up. Chobani flavors that I tried so are pomegranate, strawberry and blueberry. I didn't think I would like the strawberry flavor because of the 
sweetness but I actually enjoyed that one more than the blueberry flavor. 

Besides, Chobani yogurt there also Chobani flips. I cannot express how much I love the Chobani flips. The best flavor that I tried is the key lime crumble with a mix of graham crackers and white chocolate. You can taste the richness of the yogurt when you mix it with the graham crackers immediately, which makes you want to have more than one spoon of it. The honey bee nana flip is also a great flavor to try as well. The thickness of the honey mixed with the yogurt adds a great combination of flavor that doesn't overwhelm you. 

The next thing I want to try the vanilla golden crush and the strawberry sunrise flips. Then, it's on to conquering the Chobani tubes and bite flavor. Honestly, I just want to try every flavor Chobani has  because I can't help myself. It's delicious, reasonably priced, and a great way to stay healthy. So with that said what flavors do you guys like or want to try? Let me know.

Into The Row 


  1. Mango is really good, sounds weird but surprisingly good! Lemon is also one of my favorites.

    1. Mango and Lemon, I'm not to sure about that! I always feel like the taste would be too much for me but I definitely want to raspberry flavor.


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