Tea of Month: Kokomo Green

I recently came across DavidsTea from various tweets on Twitter and Instagram posts about how amazing their teas are. I now find myself drinking tea as much as coffee so this is a perfect alternative to fight my caffeine cravings so I decided to do a review before I try it myself. Today, I'm going to focus on DavidsTea of the Month, the Kokomo Green Tea. Just looking at the picture of the Kokomo Green Tea on their website has my taste buds going crazy to try it. Its rich and color and texture, which is extremely important when it comes to making these kind of decisions. 

Ingredients to make this exotic concoction include mango, marigold petals, pineapple, papaya, rose petals, cornflower petals, green tea, artificial mango, exotic and passion fruit flavor. What I like about this tea is that it's easy to prepare and contains a medium amount of caffeine. If you want to try something refreshing then I highly suggest trying the Kokomo Green Tea and I will definitely adhere to my own advice. DavidsTea has locations throughout Canada and the United States, so if you're in New York like I usually am stop by these locations:
DavidsTea 3rd Avenue
1124 3rd Ave

DavidsTea Brooklyn
234 Seventh Ave

DavidsTea 6th Avenue
688 6th Ave

DavidsTea Bleecker Street
275 Bleecker St

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