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The fashion industry is a tough industry to break into but it's not impossible. When I was in high school I always wondered how do get a job at a magazine. How do you become an editor for Teen Vogue or Glamour magazine? Where do you start and what resources do you use? For a long time I fantasized about working in the fashion closet. Interviewing celebrities like Denzel Washington, Channing Tatum and Chris Pine. I pictured my name credited as a Fashion Market Editor in fashion publication masthead and getting endless questions from prospective interns about working for my company. 

It wasn't until I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University in 2010 that I realized interning was the first step in building your fashion career and resume. One of the editors told me about Ed2010, which is a great resource for internship listings, and the importance of building connections. Immediately after the seminars I started applying online for internships through Ed2010. I started collecting my favorite magazines, attending events, and I soon became a Teen Vogue It Girl. Fast forward three years and seven internships later, my careers goals have changed but I still love fashion and keeping updated on the latest trends of the season. Although, I no longer want to become a Fashion Market Editor it hasn't changed my dream to make an impact in the fashion industry. I want to turn my blog into a brand and collaborate with editors; bloggers and PR gurus to give readers an inside look on the fashion industry from their perspective. Instead of working for a magazine, what is it like playing a pivotal role for Teen Vogue or Lucky from a PR or marketing perspective? This is what I want to know and I'm sure some of you will feel the same. Fashion isn't confined to one industry. Fashion is everywhere but it's nothing without the style of individuals that make up the industry. 

With that said I will leave you with a quote I saw earlier today

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"- Rachel Zoe

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  1. Omg I just went to Borders today and snapped a pick of all the amazing magazines they have that us girls love!

    1. I would need more than a day to browse through every single magazine. The first I would pick up is Glamour! :)