Best Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween 2013 is the end of the month and this year's some celebrities you may have seen at high profile fashion events, movies, or music videos inspire this year’s costume ideas. Kim Kardashian is number on the list (Sorry, Miley) but what she wore to the Met Gala was atrocious. As tragic as her look was, it's guaranteed to be a show stopper this Halloween besides Miley Cyrus's foam finger and teddy bear outfit. 

Next up are the bikini wearing clad pretend gangsters in Spring Breakers. Depending on where you are, wearing a bikini with pink mask and a hoodie will give the flu or worse but sometimes it's the thought that counts. This costume is perfect for a house party or any event inside of night club with plenty of booze. My favorite costume would be Beyonce's because she cannot go too long without her weave or wigs. The pixie cut definitely didn't suit her face but it's enough to become this year's chicest Halloween costume. So here's what you get to pull off the Beyonce costume: a pixie wig, gold necklace and floral print top to complete the look.

Be brave this season and channel your inner celebrity come 10/31!

Into The Row


  1. Such a cool post :)
    I think that the kim kardashian and Lady gaga would be cool costumes :3


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