Introducing Olivia Palermo X Westward Leaning

When you're a world traveller the most consistent thing you need are a pair of sunglasses. It doesn't matter how far you go or who you're with? A great pair of sunglasses goes a long but for Olivia Palermo, they tell her story one destination at a time. Since launching in 2012, Palermo has been a supporter of Westward Leaning so it seems only befitting that a collaboration take place.

OPforWL Collection comes in eight shapes and neutral colors inspired by Palermo effortless style. Casually cool with muted gold lenses will make this collection a must have for any woman's ensemble. The only question left to ask is how many are you going to purchase?

xx Into The Row,

Now available at Olivia Palermo X Westward // Leaning  and OliviaPalermo.com

Olivia in Westward Learning Reflective Shades

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