Fashion First Aid 101

Have a fashion faux pas? Then, Fashion First Aid is here to help. Dry those sweat stains, nip and tuck what you don't want to be seen, and save yourself a blister with these easy solutions courtesy of Fashion First Aid. Everything you can think of the Purse Size kit has it. Since I walk a lot my number one faux pas are blisters especially when I'm wearing brand new heels. Fashion First Aid help me, now this is your chance to let it help me.

   Fashion Facts: 
* Founded by Kim Castellano
* For over decade, Fashion First Aid have been helping men and women feel more radiant in their clothing from the inside out
* There are over 45 solutions to every fashion faux pas necessary
* A favorite amongst fashionistas and stylists, the Purse Size kit provides a variety of fashion fixes a la sweat stains & blisters

A little tibit I will leave you guys from Fashion First Aid kit below: 

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