Bed. Coffee. Wifi [REPEAT]

My days consist of a comfortable bed, coffee and wifi to email & upload. My choice of coffee varies but I'm never to far away from Starbucks and those cute little shops around the city including The Laughing Man and Intelligentsia. 
T-Shirt: (Zara) | Sweatpants (Uniqlo) | Flats: ( More colors here: H &M)

Last week, I went to Zara to add new pieces to my wardrobe when I show this animal print t-shit with Bed. Coffee.Wifi on it and I knew I had to have it. To get through the day I need to have access to these three things. I don't know how I would survive a say without coffee even if it means I have to settle with a cup of tea, I will take it. Any where I have coffee I always to check for wifi. I hate to say it but I'm addicted to internet. Blogger, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are my daily social media sites I use but with coffee a few mins can turn into hours. 

This t-shirt pretty much sums up how my life is right now and I'm okay with that.  It's how I start my day and this is exactly how I like to end it depending my destination. Don't mind the sweatpants because these days I wear them more than jeans. They're super comfy and easy to dress up or down. This look is one of my favorites and I will definitely repeat in the future. 

xx Into The Row,


  1. LOL. Bed. Coffee. Wifi. The three essentials! Btw, I love your red lipstick! I wish that I could pull off a bold red! Also, those are sweatpants? I couldn't even tell! :) Comfy = the best.

    1. Thanks and these are sweatpants believe it or not. I live in them and I've completely obsessed with wearing matte lipsticks or those with less shine to them if it's not matte.