Gold x Black x Evelyn

Evelyn Tights ( more colors here: Wolford Shop) | Gold & Black Necklace ( similar styles here: Forever 21)  Cardigan ( Similar styles here: Forever 21

There's no such thing as having plain jane tights anymore. I personally love tights that feel good as much as they look, which is why so many brands are going the extra mile to create luxury products for the female silhouette. My new favorite hosiery for the holiday season are these amazing Evelyn tights made by Wolford Shop. I love the quality of them because they're light weight and so comfortable. Very rarely do I have an item of clothing that feels like a second skin but these tights have been added to that list. 

What's interesting about Wolford is that the company's name is a synonym for quality and luxury on the skin. And that's exactly what I got with my Evelyn tights. I cannot wait to wear them again when I have a holiday party or my next event to attend. Feel free to check out their website for a wide selection of styles in tights and hosiery to give as a gift for that special lady or as a treat to yourself.

xx Into The Row,


  1. Hi Shaakira! Oohh,, I'm loving these tights! So fun!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to wear them together. Maybe I will when fashion week arrives in 2 months.


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