Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Essentials

Cashmere Sweater (Similar Style here: ModcCloth) | Grey Wedges (TOMS) | Waistcoat (H & M
Skinny Jeans (Madewell) | Chanel Boy Bag (Portero

So many things have happened in 2014 that makes it hard to believe that's December already. Sadly, it doesn't feel like the holidays will all the chaos going on in the world but I find comfort in the simple things life has to offer. Its always refreshing to mix and match essentials that you have with pieces you can invest in. The Chanel boy bag is the perfect investment piece to have all year round and although there are imitations, like the Rebecca Minkoff love crossbody, nothing comes closes to the real thing. Chanel is for the heart but it wouldn't be winter without a delicious cup of coffee from Startbucks. My drinks of choice is a venti caramel brûlée latte or caramel macchiato and a snowman cookie. Now if I'm in the mood for something other than caramel, then the hazelnut or white chocolate macchiato are my next options.

Now that you have your coffee and some Chanel on your arm, you're going to need a few key pieces to keep you warm throughout the day. I love H & M for their variety of sweaters and vests to mix and match with pieces from Madewell and ModCloth. I love the color of these skinny jeans because it adds a nice contrast to the light colored sweater and padded vest. This is something I can see myself wearing for a coffee run or attending an event in the city. Let me know what would be apart of your holiday survival kit? Hopefully, there will be some Chanel in there. Enjoy :)

xx Into The Row,


  1. Love the H&M Waistcoat! What a great find :) Happy (almost) holidays!

    1. I know. This is something would love to have in closet because it can go with anything! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Starbucks and and iPhone are absolutely necessities :) I love the patches on that sweater, it gives it a more cozy casual vibe.

    1. I completely agree especially when trying to stay connected to world while updating and writing outfit inspiration posts like this one. <3

  3. Hi Shaakira,

    Fantastic blog!
    Love it. :)