April Must Haves


Deciding what to wear for the day is easy. Deciding what to wear and making sure your choices are weather proof is a different story. I live in NJ but commute to The City on a regular basis so the weather is always up and down. In the morning, it can be humid and you have wearing something light. By the time you're getting ready to hit the town the temperature takes a nosedive and now you feel cold. So what I've done in this situation is keep a knit cardigan in my bag. They're too great to have and let's be serious, will make you glad you didn't leave the house without it.

Once that's covered, now you need your shoes and handbag. I really this fringe bucket bag from Zara and Taylor tote from GiGi New York. Both hold the same purpose but with completely different styles. Old Navy takes the cake with these adorable peep toe flats that go perfectly with the bucket bag I mentioned earlier and denim shorts from Madewell. Everything about this look is representing what Spring is about. Comfort, warm, and style all tied together. To get ready for a night out grab your tote, a light cardigan, and a pair of flats like these babies from Zara. These are simple yet stylish and I love the buckle surrounding the ankle straps.

So there you have it. Two looks, One day.
Decisions. Decisions!

xx Into The Row,


  1. I have been loving the looser, flowy shirt look lately. Great choices

    1. Zara and Forever 21- Contemporary section have great choices in tops. I need to get some for myself as well.

  2. Love the fringe bag and the day shoes. Oooh, and the bracelets. Thanks for sharing www.yummomummo.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you. The fringe bag is one of my favorite looks for Spring.

  3. Ohmygoodness I am loving those tops and the shorts! The bag is cute as well, you have some fun things picked out in this post!


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