Brunch at Above

Hey Everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend as much as I have. Today I had brunch with my family at Above Restaurant & Bar in South Orange. I've always seen this restaurant by the train station on my way home but never taken the time to go inside until now. My family and I decide to try Brunch from noon-3 pm at Above Restaurant & Bar outside on their patio. Since I am trying to eat healthier and drink more water, I ordered a vegetable quesadilla with sour cream and guacamole sauce while my sister had a steak sandwich with french fries. My niece and nephew had mac n cheese, chicken fingers and french fries while my mother ordered some delicious vegetable dumplings for herself.  

Before our meals arrived, we ate the cutest mini muffins with our drinks. What I couldn't resist having my muffin with is coffee. So a double shot espresso it was! I rarely drink espressos during the Spring but when I do one is all I can have. Once our meals arrived and we devoured everything on our plates I was so full. I couldn't imagine putting more food in my stomach but my sister wanted dessert. Dessert? At a time like this when my stomach could of exploded no thank you. However, my niece and nephew thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream cones with sprinkles and whip cream. 

It was my first at Above with my family and I can't wait to spend Mother's Day there in the weeks to come. 

xx Into The Row,

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