East Side | Nassau, Bahamas

 During our 2-hr tour of Nassau we would see buildings like this that were abandoned along the way. They often included homes and businesses that once thrived with people. I know places like the Bahamas always want to advertise to tourist sites for economic purposes but it's always nice to see what life is really like once the cruise ships leave.


 Rest stop where we went to use the bathroom and purchase souvenirs inside the gift shop. I was so happy it the rain stopped and we had 20 minutes to walk around and take pictures.
 Once a military fort that has since been turned into a gift shop. I love the preservation of the structure inside and out especially with the old turnstiles.


  1. Great street photography!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  2. Sometimes, I feel sad when I see pictures away from the glam/vacation parts of the islands! Thanks for your pics!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. I know it's unfortunate to see but every country has them. Bahamas is still a beautiful island though!


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