The View of Great Stirrup Cay

On Tuesday we embarked via tender boats to the beautiful private island of Great Stirrup Cay. The morning started off with a few dark clouds and rain that temporarily stopped transportation to the island. So while we waited for announcements, my mother and I enjoyed a light breakfast. Around noon, the rain stopped and tenders resumed service to bring us to the island. When we finally stepped foot onto Great Stirrup Cay there was no escape from the humidity except going to the water. I wore my blue and white dress from Forever 21 to keep me cool and flip flops from Joe Fresh

What I can say about Great Stirrup Cay is that this island is one of the why reasons I love traveling to the Caribbean. The people are friendly. The water is gorgeous and the trees would make beautiful art illustrations if only I knew how to draw. I started thinking to myself I could get used to living on the beach. All I need is chic swimsuit, a pina colada, and a hammock to rest in while I look at the ocean. To cool off I sipped on a fantastic key lime margarita at Bacardi and of course, I had to take a picture of it for Instagram. I had the best time here and I look forward to coming back to this island soon.



  1. Love the pictures of this island, thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. Thank you. This little island was a dream to visit. I hope come back on my next cruise.