West Side | The Beauty of The Bahamas

After we visited the not so nice areas of Nassau. Our tour guide who called himself 'Super Mario' took us to the other side of the island. The west side of Nassau looked completely different from the east side. Much cleaner, prettier, and the homes were much more expensive. The landscaping of each property out did the other and the palm trees give it a beautiful tropical feel. This was the beauty of the  Bahamas I was fortunate to see and I loved every minute of it. 


How beautiful are these colors?

This was one of my favorite homes I saw on the tour because of the structure and use of colors throughout but the biggest statement came with the gate entrance to the doorway. You can tell by the appearance that the homeowner takes good care of their propoerty. And cool thing is that you can name your home as well. So this one was called 'Feng Shui'. 

Tropical colors to match the tropical weather in Nassau, Bahamas!

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  1. wow, these homes are impressive! There is always 2 sides of these island or any other place in the world!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty