The Limited Edition Expectation

18K Rose Gold Case
LM54 Caliber
'Energy Plus' Winding System
Meet the Memoris. A watch for the man and woman who craves a timeless centerpiece that will be the start of every conversation. Take a look at the Memoris and what do you see? The impeccable foundation of what makes this watch so unique. Louis Moinet has created a dynamic use of gemstones that decorate the exterior of the Memoris so beautiful. What I love is the first impression this watch makes. It's larger than life in every detail. A cool fact to know is that the Lm54 Caliber is comprised of 52 parts and the 18K Rose Gold Case is comprised of 52 pieces, designed with 2-part bezel and 6 screws. In addition, the Memoris is the first chronograph watch of its kind. 
                      "The column wheel orchestrates ballet of the mechanism of steel and gears, passing the information to the hands. The chronograph reigns in splendid isolation on the 
                  dial, leaving the beholder in no doubt that it is neither a skeleton nor an additional component"
Memoris, is the epitome of what a watch should be. It's an investment piece that will change the way you tell time. With a very limited release, only 66 watches made, each detail is compartmentalized to function as a whole. I like to think of it as if you're slowly pulling back the layers of an onion until you get to its core. The Memoris is made with layers. Each layer holds a key to the design of this timepiece and according to Louis Moinet, he had to start from scratch.

Every watch has a vision that matches its final destination and the Memoris is no exception. I love a watch with a story that can be told in so many ways. What was the inspiration behind it? Who is meant for? How does this watch separate itself from others? When you look at the Memoris all of these questions are answered with just one look at it. It excudes elegance from the 18K Rose Gold Case to the interior of the dial compartment. This is luxury made for the man and woman.

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  1. Amazing...if you gave me a choice between an Apple iWatch or this watch, it will be that classic watch! Rose gold doesn't hurt, either! :)



    1. This watch is so beauitful and I completely agree. I would pick this over the Apple iwatch anyday.