How Effective Is The Photo Finish Primer?


Image credit: Birchbox

Okay, so I admit I haven't tried the photo finish primers from Smashbox but I really want too. Ever since Birchbox did a giveaway with them on IG, I wondered how well these primers would work for me. Normally, I don't use primer only foundation and concealer. If I did use one I would either try Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer for oily/sensitive skin or Photo Finish Primer for Blemish Control. Both of these products hit the target spots for my skin and I would love to test how effective it would be in controlling these issues.

 What I like about all of these primers is how each of them has a specific purpose. There's one for SPF, hydration, adjust, etc. What I'm curious to know is effective is the primer lasting throughout the day? Does it make your skin feel more refreshed? Does it makes it easier to set your makeup or harder when you're aiming for complete coverage?

 I tried a primer from another company before and was left unsatisfied with the entire process. It was frustrating waiting for the primer to dry only for the concealer and bronzer to not set long enough for me to walk out the door looking like a human. So I ditched the primer and used my concealer and bronzer. Maybe this time will be different but I'm still curious as to how effective  these primers are. I guess I will have trust and try one for myself. 



  1. I did enjoy the primer water which is very refreshing during the summer or dry Fall air!



    1. Cool. I think I tried that one before but I can't remember. How often did you use that one during the fall?