Relaxed Outerwear

Hat: H & M
Striped Tee: Ann Taylor
Boots: H & M

Ugh, this weather is taking a turn for the worst and finally getting colder. Every Thanksgiving the weather always changes and that's when you know winter is slowly creeping everywhere. A few pieces I like to throw together for this in between weather are woven hats, blazers, and a great pair of boots. The one's that I'm wearing are from H & M and I had them for a while. It has a low heel on them and I thought today's look would be perfect for them. This is my idea of a relaxed outerwear ensemble that's perfect for the fall and wnter. It's simple but stylish and very comfortable. 

I'm excited Thanksgiving is Thursday and I get to spend quality time with family. I'm helping my brother and sister-in-law cook this year and one of my favorite dishes on the menu is macaroni salad. I may wear something similar this on Thursday and I can't wait to share all the delicious food I will truly be thankful for. Happy Holidays!


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