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For the month of January, Birchbox is unveiling an new box curated by Charlotte Cho, esthetician and co-founder of Soko Glam, with 5 Korean beauty products. What I wantt to try the most is the Waterest First Essence by Goodal. It contains double-fermented lotus flower extract that will hydrate your skin whereas the hyaluronic will keep it moisturized. I also like that it has a jelly-like texture that sounds extra cool. Next up is the Cucumber  Soothing + Moisturizing Mask by Manefit. I always love trying new masks from different brands and this one is no except. Plus, it also has antioxidants to help even skin tones and reduce puffiness. I am dealing with an uneven skin tone so I will be open to trying to product to see how it works. After years of fighting acne and blemishes, my skin is finally getting back to how it used to like. So now I am looking for products like this mask to help bring the smoothness and complexion back to my skin.  Another mask in this box is the RE: P Bio Fresh Mask wih Real Calming Herb. What you should know about this product is that it's a cruelty free, eco-friendly Korean brand. What you should know about RE: P is that their boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink, how cool is that? The sample size in the this month's birchbox is not the actual size.

The product is the Flash Cream Radiant Primer by IPKN. I never heard of this brand before but the cool about Birchbox is discovering new companies who are passionate about beauty. It contains fruit extracts and shimmer pearl powder, leaving your skin with a glow. Additionally, it has an SPF 15 to not only protect the skin but a creamy foundation that makes the perfect canvas when applying your makeup. I never a tried before but looks convincing enough to try. Other primers from IPKN include this one here that is a makeup primer with an SPF 5. Unlike the Radiant primer, this one contain Vitamin E and lilac extract guaranteed to oil free throughout the day.

Then, it's the Tony Moly Delight Tiny Tint in red. Again, I never heard of this company before but I do love the shade of this lipstick. The tiny tube is a great travel size that can fit easily in your cosmetic bag. The Charlotte Cho X Birchbox is a great pick to give yourself or someone who loves Korean based beauty products. Birchbox subscribers do have the option to choose this curated box or their regular January box based on their beauty profile. I'm excited about the masks because I, generally, love how they smell and feel on my skin after each use. The cuccumer mask and the waterest first essence are my top picks to try. 

FYI: The sneak peek into the January Beauty Box wasn't impressive. Three of the sample products I've seen from previous boxes and two of them I don't care for. I like the theme of this month's box with the stickers where you can define the kind of year 2016 will be for you. I hope this year will continue to be filled with growth, happiness, and opportunity. I hope next month I can resubscribe to Birchbox and share more of my beauty faves. In the meantime, what box did you pick?

The January Beauty Box


The Korean Beauty Featured Box


Special Bonus
1st (Limited) Edition Book

As the founder of Soko Glam, a leading Korean beauty and lifestyle website, esthetician and beauty expert Charlotte Cho guides you through the world-renowned Korean ten-step skin-care routine—and far beyond—to help you achieve the clearest and most radiant skin of your life With Charlotte's step-by-step tutorials, skin-care tips, and advice on what to look for in products at all price levels, you'll learn how to pamper and care for your skin at home with Korean-approved techniques and pull off the "no makeup" makeup look we've seen and admired on women in the streets of Seoul "


  1. I got that box along with the selected sample of Eyeko liner in my regular January box! I enjoyed reading your review and can't wait for your latest Birchbox review in the future! :)



    1. Thank you. I'm thinking about resubscribing to Birchbox next month and do a review. Along with some other beauty products...


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