Bath & Body | 3 Infused Scents by Spongelle.

Today's post is a little different since I will be discussing 3 wonderful products from Spongelle.
Each Spongelle has a distinct scent: the first is Mandarin Mint, French Lavender, and Coconut Verbana. The Mandarin Mint soap is for specially made for your feet. Buffer and exfoilate your feet while getting rid of those pesky calluses all at once. This Spongelle soap comes with over 30 washes and has extacts of Peppermint, Sea Kelp, & Arnica. The infused extracts and soothing oil will leave your feet feeling soft and calluse free. I gifted this to my mom because she loves pampering her feet on a daily basis. The number problem she faces, though, are calluses and this spongelle helps relieve her of some of them. I think its pretty cool thing that my mom adores Spongelle as much as I do. 

 French Lavender

     French Lavender is the prefect scent to begin and end your body with. It reminds of nature and walking through a beautiful flower garden with a fountain in the background. After each wash, this spongelle has me feeling more relaxed than I ever been. The smell heightens my senses while the creamy lather caters to the cleansing my skins needs. The French Lavender & Coconut Verbana take body washing to a new level. I use this scent in the morning and it definitely changes the outlook of my day when I feel as beauty as my skin looks. Very refreshing and a great addition to my bathing ritual. 

Coconut Verbana

This is the first spongelle I tried and amazing is such an understatement to describe how this product feels. It's incredibly soft and soothing on my skin. It exfoliates and refreshes my skin making me feel refreshed after a long days of work. If I add a little soap to it, I lather it all over my body and just massage. After a few washes, this Spongelle has ruined every other sponge wash for me. It's a beautiful thing to have something to make you feel at ease. I love the boxed flower and how multi-purposed it is. It also has extracts of Yuzu, Vetiver, & Edelweiss. While I use French Lavender in the morning, the Coconut Verbana is the perfect addition to my nightly routine. After I cleanse my face & wash body with this infused buffer I feel like a new woman.

Spongelle is incredible and I can't wait to try more of their products and bring them with me when I go on vacation.


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