Goop| Discover The Six Skin Essentials

                                   Exfoliating Instant Facial                           Luminous Melting Cleanser
                                      -brightens & softens-                           -moisturizers & evens skin tone-        
Perfecting Eye Cream
 -soothes, hydrates, firms-

                                Revitalizing Moisturizer                                      Enriching Face Oil
                                 -nourishes & hydrates-                                   -supple, soft & glowing-

Replenishing Night Cream
-plump, brighten, firms skin-

What's new? Goop's organic skincare line with six key ingredients to create a healthier complexion. Launched by Gwyneth Paltrow, the goop x juice beauty, collection took just over a year to create. Who says goop can't do it all. Well, with their latest skincare line only time will tell.


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