The New Beauty Stick From CoverFx

 Yesterday, while watching a few makeup tutorials, I noticed some using a color stick for coverage on different areas of their face. For under the eyes, they applied it similar to that of concealer and I wasn't sure how it would look until after it blended in the skin. I can honestly say I was surprised since it was a color stick. These vbloggers obviously know what they're doing whereas I'm still learning how to blend in my makeup using Smashbox's primer. I love CoverFx's concealers because it's so lightweight and blendable with just a drop on your fingertip. I had one in n-deep for cover blemishes on my cheeks and chin area. What you should know about the customizable stick? Well, it's  designed for 3 purposes- cover, enhance, or correct- problems areas on your skin. The Correct Stick comes in 24 shades ranging including N10 for light skin neutral tones to deeper ebony skin with neutral tones. 
image courtesy of Coverfx

This is the Enhance Click and it comes in 6 gorgeous shades including Berry (pictured above), Celestial, and Bubbly. The enhance stick acts as a cream highlighter designed to illuminate your complexion. I want to try this stick and see how it works for me. The Correct Stick also comes in 6 gorgeous shades ranging from light to deep skintones. Each shade corrects the appearance of discoloration by neutralizing it. If you're beauty lover and looking to try something cool, then this is for you. The customizable click from CoverFx is only available online. 

What are your thoughts on CoverFx's customizable stick?
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  1. Very Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

    1. Thank you. Have you tried any products from CoverFx before?

  2. I love anything customizable and Cover FX always has incredible formulas so i'm sure they are creamy and pigmented! I definitely want to try the Enhance stick and the green correct stick!

    1. Yeah, CoverFx always come with creative products. I am interested to see how they work!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your review and I think I need to start playing around with these colors for my skin foundation!




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