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Resides in California with 7 locations including Irvine, Long Beach, and Pasadena.  If you love ice cream and donuts together, then this is the vendor to visit at Coachella. I love the idea of combining something sweet with something that literally melts in your mouth. Their signature Milky Bun is just that, a warm donut is stuffed with a cool ice cream. Using the #milkybun, these mouth watering pictures will leave you with a severe sweet tooth. My dream "Milky Bun" would consist of cookies, gummy bears, and lots of reese's pieces peanut butter cups. 

Food Vendors
Coachella has released their lineup of chefs hitting the desert at this year's music and arts festival. There's something for everyone in attendance, from burgers to tacos, ice cream to sushi, and the variety of sandwiches waiting to be devoured. Here a brief list of who's coming and be sure to map out their locations in the coming weeks. 

Coachella is on my bucket list to attend at least once. Whenever I ask someone who's been there, they always say you have to be there to experience it. Go VIP! So when I go to Coachella one day, I will experience it all especially the food. The list this year is phenomenal and all I'm thinking about right is having a delicious hamburger with some fries, then make myself sick with a scoop of ice cream. 

For the full list of vendors attending Coachella go here!  

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