A Simple Black Look

Heels: DSW // Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft // Jeans: H & M
Bag: Longchamp

I love wearing all black with a little texture. The best part about this look is the ripped jeans as a result of my DIY project. I don't normally have a pair in my closet so I decided to create my own using small scissors. These jeans accenture my hips and look great together with this blouse from Ann Taylor Loft. I love the simplicity of the look with the neutral tones and my strappy heels. This look would look even better as a minisquare using Social Print Studio, where you can print your photos, and turn them into a canvas of memories. I can see myself looking at each photos over coffee and feeling elated about what to wear next. 



  1. You have shared some great and fabulous stuff. I love this all.
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    1. Thanks you so much. Style is what you make it and I always strive to keep that in mind.