Brick Wall In Espadrilles

Espadrilles: Pierre Dumas // Blouse: Old Navy

Espadrilles are hard to find in a style you like. Online shopping can be daunting when there are so many brands that have espadrilles. Soludos have a wide selection including these black-multi-raffia  espadrilles. I really like the classic take of what a modern espadrille would look like with the bold design and warm colors. What I'm wearing are these blue espadrilles by Pierre Dumas that I purchased at boutique in Hoboken. The style and comfortability is a definite must for someone like me who walks a lot. What I do like is the cool, summer look between the distressed jeans with the white blouse and blue espadrilles. I felt so relaxed in this look, which can be hard to achieve sometimes. 

Stay tuned for more posts about espadrilles and what I chose as my summer staples..


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