Borghese: 3 Summer Ready Products

Borghese Lipgloss in Shimmer

The shimmer on this lipgloss is perfection and is one of my favorite products I use everyday.  My lips stay moisturized all day and looks just as good when I pair it with Borghese's Grappa lipstick. It creates great texture that hards to achieve during the summer. The next product I wanted to discuss the brightening makeup. Replace your bronzer with this light shimmer to be applied before or after your foundation. For a finishing look, I would apply this after my foundation is set using my Smashbox primer. I recommend using two pumps and test on your hand before putting it on your face. 

What I don't always wear is mascara not because I don't want this it just dosen't really make my eyes pop as much as an eye liner. Borghese's State of Art mascara is truly one of a kind. It does have a smell to it which isn't a bad one and I love the smoothly the mascara goes on my lashes. Since they're not as long as I would like them I don't have to use a lot. I know will be summer ready using these amazing products from Borghese. My skin will shimmer with product while my lips and eyelashes tell a story of their own. How amazing is that? A girl can't complain when a little of each shimmer and mascara goes a long way. 

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