The Hikari Handmade Fan

Kyoto's Wiyawaki Baisen-An handmade folding fan is a testament of pure craftsmanship and light in a world of darkness. Made exclusively for Tatcha, it's accessory of the summer between the fine detailing and lavender/blue iridescence colorThis brings me back to being in middle school and making paper fans to keep me cool. It was a quick escape from everything around me and made the heat bearable. Hikari in Japanese means "light", a word that evokes the morning sunlight of summer that dances on the crisp, sparkling waters of Kyoto. 

The soft iridescence color captivates me and I love that it features a lacquered oxyadone, a golden charm on black tassel, and a delicate scent. This is a great gift for someone who travels alot and enjoys being outdoors. It's crafted for the one that receives and enjoys finding peace in the most unusual places. The beauty of it is so intricate and I love the way the fan spans out and twists towards the end. I think that is unexpected and adds a unique touch to it. For $ 120, this handmade limited edition fan can yours too. 


  1. That is beautiful work of art as in most items that are handmade or crafted by the Japanese culture...every single detail as meaning and poetry!! Perfect accessory on a summer day!



    1. This version of fan is a masterpiece itself and you can tell a great amount fine detail was put into it! Cheers :)