The Art & Taste of Magnum Ice Cream

Last week, my mother and I visited the Magnum Ice Cream Pop Up shop in Soho. We arrived there at a decent time and was surprised that the line wasn't long. For $7, you can create your own ice cream bar with a choice of two toppings and either a vanilla or chocolate coating. I decided on vanilla bean bar dipped in milk chocolate. My toppings were green mint and gold flakes finished with a milk chocolate drizzle. What would a magnum ice cream bar be without it 's emblem, but luckily, I got mine in milk chocolate. 

 My mom got a vanilla bean bar dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with vanilla fudge. The entire experience was so exciting and I was in awe watching my custom ice cream bar come to life. Afterwards, I didn't even want it to eat because it looked so good. The taste was phenomenal and I loved the added flavor of the green mint topping with the milk chocolate fudge. It was very refreshing in my mouth. The gold flakes was a special treat and saved that for last. 

The Magnum Ice Cream pop up is open daily from noon-9pm until August 7. If you're visiting the Soho area, stop by with your friends and family. Take a tour of the artistic space and treat yourself with your very own customizable ice cream bar. I will definitely make a second trip to Magnum and I can't wait to share what toppings I chose.