Brands I Use to Keep My Keep Skin Clean

Happy Monday!

Lately, I've been going through my favorite products like crazy. If you're like me one bottle doesn't last as long as it should. So today I'm sharing two brands I live by, Clinique and Borghese. 

What I love about Clinique is their 'Even Better" skincare collection. When I needed to get rid of my acne scars and even my skin tone this helped tremendously. I started using the Even Better Moisturizer 4 months ago and included it in my 3-step skincare routine. The cream is lightweight and I love that its SPF protected. This combined with the Dark Spot Corrector changed helped my skin so much. The results were gradual, 4-6 weeks, but worth the wait. The unevenness was improving and the breakouts were gone. I use both products in the morning and at night after I cleanse my face. Twice a week, I use my clay

mask from Borghese as an exfoliator. The smell is very citrus and I love how my skin feels after each use. I never been fond of masks until I started using Borghese. Another product I live by is the Facial Oil, which I use after the clay mask. It adds a balance to skin and I love the smell of it. In addition, to being lightweight it makes my skin look and feel youthful. Each product I use works for me where I need it the most. Although, I didn't get there without a little trial and error. Everyone has their vices and these two brands, Clinique and Borghese, are mine. 

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