When Ice Cream Makes You Scream

This ice cream sandwich swing set is a blogger's dream. It's Instagram ready and a fantastic way to end your visit at the Museum of Ice Cream. I love the bright colors and how open the space. Another interesting set up is the ice cream scooper (not pictured) used as a seesaw, which is brillant. This room will make your followers envious and others living vicariously through your photos. 

The neon sign inside the Museum of Ice Cream makes my stomach growl with excitement. I never seen a place soley dedicated to ice cream until this summer. Located in the Meatpacking District, the Museum of Ice Cream is open until the end of summer but tickets are sold out! I wish I'd known about this event in advance, but hopefully it will be extended into September. Each room gives a visual presentation of ice cream that's mouth watering!

 One of the coolest stations is the edible balloon. It's made in seconds and you to suck the air out of it, literally, before you can eat it. Below is an exhibition dedicated to ice cream. Each canvas gives a cool interpretation of this dessert using an abundance of color. My favorite photo is the iPhone home screen of an ice cream. Very cool, but such a tease to look at. 
If the Museum of Ice Cream is extended until September I have to visit this room. The pool of sprinkles is actual made of legos. Thousands upon thousands of legos. It also comes will pink beach balls and a small deck for those who want to dive in. I cannot imagine how long it took to full up this pool, but I secretly wish it was with real sprinkles. However, it would be unsanitary will the amount people going in this pool. I just wander how it will feel to have this many legos under my feet. 

Below is the infamous cone wall. 
I love the idea behind because my favorite part of the ice cream is the cone. Can we just appreciate how symmetrical each cone is on the wall. Talk about a dream wall!
Wall of Ice Cream.

Well, actually this is what you would call a mountain. You take a scoop of ice cream and drop it on top of the cone. Each scoop raises the level of ice cream. Did I mention that it's real! How cool is that? 


  1. OMG what a cool exhibit!!! I hope it comes to Toronto!!!

    1. This place is a dream. I just hope they decide to extend the dates so I can visit.

  2. This place looks fantastic! I heard about it, but didn't think that tickets would sell out. Congrats on getting in and thanks so much for sharing.

    1. I heard they might release more dates due to popular demand. It's a shame when it sells out so quickly but this place is a dream come true...:)

  3. What a tasty experience at this museum!! Love the photos of the tasty ice cream designs!




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