Nostalgia with Chuck Taylor's

In college, I always wore converse sneakers in between classes. Even during the winter, I still wore them just as much as my UGGS. I owned almost every color including grey and all white. One of my favorites was the denim converse sneakers I purchased from Footlocker. It was different because of the color and made in collaboration with Levi's. Those were my everyday Chuck Taylor's with some jeans thrown on and my school sweatshirt. I guess you say I was a repeat offender and proud of it. 
These navy Chuck Taylor's (pictured above) are my most recent and most adored. They look black from afar but it's really blue. This color is a great color for fall because it goes with everything. There are other great styles to choose from Converse that you can customize. That's a cool option to have and something I would try for my own pair. Now what would I actually put on it? I don't know. 
This sweater I actually had for some time. It was given to my after attending Lulu's Style Studio a few years ago and was my favorite piece I picked up. The fuzzy material and soft blue color won me over. The oversize look with my Chuck Taylor's is effortless for any casual day. Going into winter, your coziest sweater is the way to go. This one happens to be one of my coziest and warmest of the bunch. I can't wait to wear it frequently and sharing a few tips on what to look for when sweater shopping. I love them in a bold, solid color with some detailing. Brownie points if it's in cashmere. Yes, please! 

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