Tasty Thanksgiving Desserts For The Whole Family

Thursday my whole family will be under one roof for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited to see everyone and enjoy this happy holiday. The menu this year has me salivating over each dish because they're all my favorites. I love dessersts. love food. My absolute favorite dessert is sweet potato pie (pictured below). Every year, I get the biggest pie from my local supermarket and just indulge. It tastes so good when it's warm with whipped cream. I love eating sweet potato pie and anyone that knows me will tell you  I don't know share. 
Image Credit: Food and Wine
Image Credit: King Arthur Flour 
Apple Pie is a classic dessert everyone loves. If you don't like pie, in general, who can turn down apple pie? It's so delicious and easy to make. Like sweet potato pie, it tastes so good when it's warm. The flavors are so rich and having one slice is not enough. It's never enough during Thanksgiving. What I'm thankful for is having family who love food as much as I do. It always brings people together.
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Very often do I eat pecan and cherry pie because not alot of people know how to make it well. Pecan pie is very sweet from what my brother told me. Tomorrow I will have a slice and decide for myself. It might be one of those desserts where you need a drink to help wash it down. It's beautiful to look at, but heavy on the mouth.  One dessert I would love to try and share with you guys is strawberry rhubarb pie. Before today, I wasn't very familiar with it until my mother told me about this recipe. It reminds of a coffee cake because of the crumbs on top but inside is a different story. 


  1. They look delicious, wanna try them! You've a beautiful blog and I'll be happy if we start following each other! ;)


    1. Thank you and I'm glad you like these sweet desserts. Happy Holidays :)