What It Means To Wear This Moroccan Scarf

My family ancestry goes so far back I cannot even put it into the words. It's a beautiful feeling learning where your family comes from and what percentage makes up your bloodline. My mother's cousin went on Ancestry.com a few weeks ago and told us some interesting facts. My bloodline is majority North African, specificially, Moroccan. Native American, where my great-grandmother and grandmother are Cherokee, as well as Irish and Scandinavian. I cried happy tears learning where my family comes from and how much history we have. When I look at pictures of my great-grandmother and grandma I see their Native American and Moroccan features. Long, jet black hair with skin so smooth and delicate. 

This handmade scarf is a testament to my ancestry and gives a piece of home to carry with me. It was recieved as a gift from my mother's co-worker who went to Marrakech, Morocco last year. When we both saw this exquisite scarf all could do was cry. Cry happy tears because of this thoughful, yet unexpected gift. Cry because one day I will visit Morocco and be around my people. I adore the richness of the color and how it compliments my caramel complexion. Rarely, do I find a scarf that has a significance to it but will always have a sacred place in my heart. I do appreciate the craftsmanship that went into every detail. I couldn't have asked for a better gift for my mother to have. 

I'm so happy to be able too share this with you guys!


  1. Beautiful scarf it is perfect for Autumn, I love the color and meaning behind it!!!

    1. Hey,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I love this scarf and the beauitful detailing in it!

  2. You look amazing in your fall outfit...everything looks like it "belongs" together!!




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