Heartfelt Lessons I've Learned in 2016

I'm ready to leave 2016 behind and never look back. It's been an emotional year for me that began with losing my grandfather and ended with a new journey to finding my passion. The day after Christmas everything change when my mom got that phone call and the patriarch of my family was taken from us. I cried for him because he had so much life to live. I cried for myself because I was suffering in silence. From there I battled an infection and had to extract two of my wisdom teeth. The right side of my face was swollen and once again, I was on the verge of tears. It was hard to admit that failure makes the journey of success that much sweeter. I couldn't give up even though, financially and emotionally, there was nothing left to give. Focusing on my blog helped me to realize two things: 1) it's okay to be unhappy with where you are in life 2) don't be afraid to ask for advice from those who know you better than yourself. It's been a hard year! Some good, some bad, but I'm still grateful. I know what I need to do to live a fullfilled life. 
Trust my instincts. 
I always trusted my gut when making personal and professional decisions. This year, I ignored that and felt like a lot of doors were closing on me. That has to stop! It will stop going into the new year. I need to trust my instincts and believe in myself. 
Focus on my goals.
Growing my blog is an exciting adventure because I experienced a lot of firsts in 2016 and I want to continue that in the new year. I will also apply to graduate school and switch my career objective from PR to Digital Marketing. It my sound cliche but I'm freaking awesome at social media and managing my blog. 
Be Happy. 
I want to be happy with every decision I make from now on. I want to be happy when I wake up. When I get ready to make a cup coffee. I want to be happy about job prospects and opportunities to networks with other talented professionals. I want to be happy and feel good about where my life is headed. 10 years from now I will look back and not regret a single thing because it was my choice to say yes.
Communicate More.
The way I communicate with others often gets misunderstood because I'm not a talkative person unless I know you. I have to work on that. Be more vocal. Communicate more with family and friends, not just on social media. Communicate with my inner thoughts and feelings by writing them down. 


  1. Great post. I definitely can relate as the last five years have been quite difficult which caused me to become overwhelmed by life. I just wrote a similar post as I work on 2017 becoming better than the last.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Life can overwhelming when you're down, but I always stay positive. Everything happens for a reason!

  2. Enjoyed your honesty in this post and pray for Blessed New Year for you!! :)



    1. Thank you. Cheers to a blessed year for you as well!

  3. The New Year is an amazing time for self reflection, and posts like this! So so good-- and i agree, communication is KEY.

    xx Lauren

    1. Absolutely, I'm glad you like this post. I learned a lot about myself last year and I'm positive about what 2017 holds for me.