Importance of Balance & Self-Worth with The 7 Chakras

Life is about balance. 
Living a healthy lifestyle and being content with who you are. Achieving success in both your personal and professional endeavors. As an adult, this is a challenge we face at different points in our life. I like to be realistic because that's who I am and what motivates me to do better. To find that balance I'm using the 7 chakras from Aveda. I really like how each body mist targets different areas of your well-being.
Chakra 1: Grounded 
The center where we ground ourselves and take care of our basic needs. When the root chakra is balanced, one has good energy, a feeling of security and a healthy body awareness. 

                                           Chakra 2: Nourished
The center of vitality and sensation where we move beyond our basic needs into relationships with others. When the pleasure chakra is balanced, one has stable energy, unblocked emotions and is connected to all five senses. 

Chakra 3: Intention
The center of motivation where we set our intentions and desires. When the power chakra is balanced, one achieves goals, is self-confident, and has strong motivation and direction.

Chakra 4: Harmony 
The center of sympathy, empathy and love. When the heart chakra is balanced, one feels love and connection to self and others.
                                        Chakra 5: Expressive
This can be found in the throat and relates to creativity, self-expression, and communication. When the throat chakra is balanced, one has inner reliance, self-reliance and easily expresses thoughts and ideas.

Chakra 6: Insight
The center of intuition, imagination and perception. When the intuition chakra is balanced, one feels strong intuition, a connection to oneself and mentally fit. 

Chakra 7: Wisdom 
The center of connection to something greater than oneself, and expressing wisdom and enlightenment. When the crown chakra is balanced, one feels strong, unclouded and joy for life.


The 7 chakras are great holiday gifts. Each bottle has its own scent to create balance in your life. It's also available on Aveda and I recommend trying a bottle to see if it will work for you. Personally, I truly enjoyed Chakra 4: Harmony and Chakra 2: Nourished the most. I feel less stress and more energetic using these balancing mists because of how comforting the aroma is. My mood is so much better and the scent is alluring. It's an incredible benefit when you want to bring more positivity into your life. 

Give the gift of Aveda with these 7 amazing balancing body mists.

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