Unboxing The Fall Collection by Aveda + Foklor

The single eyeshadows come in 4 shades - Powdery Mauve, Light/Misty Green, Dark/Greyish Purple, Cool/Deep Evergreen - that will make your eyes the main attraction. Mixing the light eyeshadows with the dark is the perfect way to achieve that look. I'm thinking playful innocence with a side of sass. I like the soft texture in these shadows and how little product is left over after each use. For my eyes, I would pick the Powdery Mauve with the Dark/Greyish Purple for a lasting touch. Both shades have my favorites colors in them and would definitely bring definition to my face. 
To balance the eyeshadow, you need a great eyeliner. The eye definer, to be exact, that lines and accents your beautfiul eyes. I love the richness in the soft, textures. My favorite eye definer is that Gypsum Gold because it's something I would never pick first. It also has a blendable, smooth finish that's so amazing. 
"Aromatic flower waxes from the petals of jasmine and the leaves of geranium create a soft, floral aroma"- Aveda

The lipsticks from these amazing collection are truly unique. I love the softness of the sheer primrose lipstick and smooth it goes on my lips. My favorite, however, is the one in Carnelian. I'm obsessed with the matte finish it gives me because it makes my lips pop. I love that and how much they're moisturized at the same time. Did I also mention its smell really good. I always say that but it's true lol.
I got a sweet surprise this week. Something green and beautifully packaged arrived on my doorstep. When it just so happens to be Aveda's Foklor collection I couldn't hide my excitement. That's right! The Folkor Collection is what I'm unboxing and sharing everything inside. So here's what to expect:

4 Single Eyeshadows

1 Hand Relief Creme

3 Pencil Eye Definers

2 Lip Gloss

2 Lipsticks

What I have been using frequently is the hand creme. I like that it contains andiroba oil and other ingredients to keep my hands looking smooth. During the winter, they get extra dry so I'm happy to have this cool product from Aveda. The aroma is thick, but not too thick, and it goes on so smoothly. I've also been using the Chuparosa lip gloss in sheer orange red for lips because I also get cracked when it gets colder. It's sweet alternative to wearing chapstick and I like that it has nourish mint to help keep my lips hydrated. What you should also know is that it's refreshing aroma flavors contain ginger, organic peppermint, and vanilla. Talk about heightening your senses! Unboxing this collection was a joy for me. I love all the products inside especially the lipsticks and hand creme. The nourish mint keeps both my lips and hands hydrated. It gives them the smoothness I need and confidence to enjoy the winter with a smile on my face. 

Give the gift of Aveda.
Happy Holidays..


  1. Amazing products! I like your blog so much and I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!


    1. Thank you so much and I'm glad you like to these amazing products. Happy Holidays!