5 Essential Body/Eye Care Products From Aveda

 "Let the warmth wash over you. Give a gift to gently cleanse while 
comforting the senses with an aroma with ginger and ginger lily".   

This moisturizer is golden. It smells great and keeps my skin feeling smooth. I use it everyday and I couldn't be happier. Rarely do I find a product that nourishes my skin throughout the day, but Aveda surprassed my expectations with their Candrima | Body Moisturizer. It's a great product for dry skin and pairs well with the the Candrima | Creme Cleansing Oil. This amazing product gently cleanses and softens dry skin while comforting the senses. The best part is that it's certified with ginger and ginger lily. I love these products and recommend using it daily. 

"Awaken the whole you. This season, share the gift of an aromatic nourishing oil for body, 
bath, and scalp with an invigorating aroma for the spirit".

The next product I want to discuss is Aveda's Rosemary Mint Composition Oil for the bath, body, and scalp. I cannot get enough of this bottle. It's small, yet efficient in every way. I love the smell because it comforts your senses while you massage your scalp. Every other day, I put some of this oil in my hair and it feels incredible. Thank you Aveda for this gift! It truly has made a difference in my scalp in a short amount of time. 

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