A Day of Feasting at Smorgsburg

Earlier this month I went to Smorgsburg in Williamsburg. This is my second time going and I had a great time. So many people were there and the weather was perfect. What was on my agenda at Smorgsburg was trying something new. Like a dessert and then I thought of churros, a fried dough pastry. One of the vendors made ice cream sandwich churros and immediately that's all I wanted. Unfortunately, there was a long line of people thinking the same thing. I opted to get the 'Salted Caramel' ice cream churro with sprinkles. I was surprised by good it tasted. The salted caramel wasn't overpowering and the churros itself held up well. The sprinkles was saved for last and I just mixed that with the ice cream. 

After desssert, it was time for some food. My cousin bought tacos with beef and shrimp whereas my brother shared extra fries. I just had the fries with some shrimp because I was full from the churros. I enjoyed myself at Smorgsburg this year. Even with the lines and crowds of people, there was still so much to eat. If you wanted dessert, coffee, hamburgers, or fish the options were limitless. Visit Smorgsburg, to plan your next trip and feast on what's cooking! Enjoy :)

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