Press Preview at TechStyle NYC

Earlier last month, TechStyle held a private event for the press and influencers in Soho. I attended in between shows and enjoyed the intimate experience overall. Brands who were there included A Genie's Dream, Amborella Organics, The Baked Bouquet, Kind Snacks, and The Ultimate Cuff to name a few. Each brand had something unique to offer and it was exciting to see. One brand that stood out at TechStyle this year is A Genie's Dream. What's awesome about this monthly subscription tube are the themes that brings out your inner goddess. I was able to sample the 'Organic Goddess' tube during my period and the difference I felt was remarkable. It comforted me when I needed it the most and made me feel in control of my body. 

There were so many goodies inside the tube including fruit sticks, tampons, a candle, and a treat from Amborella Organics. I loved everything because I used it all. The tampons were my lady savers and the pads will definitley get good use of it. Women need this because your period is never fun. Sometimes you forget it comes, other times it's a nightmare. A Genie's Dream is genius with these magical tubes!

The Ultimate Cuff is beneficial to have if you have an Apple watch. Otherwise, it's not something I can use for myself. What I did like is the Baked Bouquet. Instead of flowers, you get cupcakes as a bouquet. Such a cool concept with same day delivery. The flavors were good. I wanted to try the red velvet but of course they were all gone. So I settled for the vanilla cupcake and that was delicious. It's a clever idea to make a bouquet out of cupcakes and serve as dessert. 

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