Eat Healthy wiith Lesser Evil Chips

Snack your heart out. With LesserEvil, I've been doing that all week. It's a delight tasting these 6 flavors that giving healthy eating a new meaning. The first I tried was the Perfectly Salted potato chips and then, the Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar chips. What I absolutely about them is that there's so much flavor in each chip. The Salt & Apple Vinegar surprised me the most because it's like a sweet and sour combination. Very delicious! Here are the 6 flavors I tried and loved by LesserEvil  snacks- Perfectly Salted, Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar, Jalapeno n' Honey, Himalayan Pink, Himalayan Gold, and Classic Cheddar. What's great about these snacks are the ingredients. It's organic with no preservatives or artificial flavors. LesserEvil aims to bring less evil in the world through their product and interaction with people. With snacks as good as them, sharing with family and friends is a given. So give it a try. 

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