How Sweet AF It Was at Dessert Goals 2018

On Sunday, I crossed another goal off my bucket list. I attended my first Dessert Goals in Long Island City, NY. Of course, both weekends is sold out but I made sure to get mine early. It was deliciously sweet being around all that dessert. For the first time, a theme was introduced, 'Spring Disco'. Think the 70s, flower power, and flare pants. There were 23 vendors bringing the best sweets- macarons, cake pops, milkshakes, and unlimited coffee. With a limited time, I narrowed my choices to few vendors I had to try. 

For something savory, I went for a milkshake from New Territories. The Vanilla Bean milkshake with marshallows was a dream. So delicious and very creamy. It was definitely worth the wait at Dessert Goals. OMG! For nostalgia purposes, all I could think about is cotton candy. I always loved cotton candy as a kid so this was a treat. The best part was the gold glitter sprayed over it for that extra factor, lol. 

Overall, I had a great time at Dessert Fest. The vendors all had something different to offer. The venue was small, but cute, and I adored the decorations. The 'Spring Disco' theme was everywhere and I love the disco balls. I will be at the next Dessert Fest this summer to cross another tasty dessert off my bucket list. 

It was truly, SWEET AF.


  1. All this looks so more-ish, what a great spot to indulge in something delicious!

    1. Absolutely, everywhere you turned was nothing but dessert.

  2. That looked like absolute heaven, wow!


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