Australian Style Coffee: Saltwater Coffee

From the Menu
Maple Glazed Donut w/ Charcoal Vanilla Chai Latte

Venturing into the city has its perks when you find new local cafe to obsess over. I happily found Saltwater Coffee on Instagram when I was browsing through my feed. Inside the minimal decor matches the  atmosphere and makes it super inviting. It's a neighborhood gem with some of the best Australian coffee flavors to savor over. 

During my first visit, I tried one of their most popular drinks, the Charcoal Vanilla Chai Latte. Oh boy, was I panting over this drink the moment it hit the counter. I ordered it with the Maple Glazed Donut to have a balance of something savory with something sweet. The amount of flavors together was overwhelming, but in a good way. I never experienced anything like this and I had a lot of coffee. The charcoal latte was so delicious down to the last sip. Paired with this donut and I was in heaven! 

My next visit to Saltwater Coffee was an afternoon treat. I was in the mood for some serious coffee. So I decided to try their Mocha Latte! This drink has a powerful dose of flavor in it. It's so much coffee but very creamy and delicious! Mocha isn't for everyone and somehow this drink was exactly what I needed. 


  1. Bring a coffee addictor I really like and appreciate the varieties you have shared .Have a happy reading.

    1. Thank you. I always appreciate another coffee lover thoughts.

  2. It looks delicious!!