A Very WinklyLux Experience

"Namastay in Bed", my mood for the entire week. This room was my favorite at WinkyLux and for good reason. It was fun being inside here and having a good laugh. How are cool these fluffy pillows? I secretly wanted to one home with me.

Before you enter, you're greeted by a fountain of lemon and ball pit. I immedately jumped in and couldn't contain my laughter. How could I? It was so much fun. Everyone there enjoyed this pit. I enjoyed it because it made me feel like a kid again. 
 I continued my birthday weekend at WinkyLux pop up shop in Soho. I found this amazing store through Instagram and knew I had to visit before the day was over. It's a Instagrammable playground for makeup lovers like myself. Each room has a specific theme that represents their makeup product in the store. In between trying makeup on and taking pictures, there's also a disco room to loose in. When you go inside you're surrounded by a wall of mirrors with the disco ball in the middle. I broke out in a dance and was singing Lady Gaga's "Love Games", in my head. HAHA! It was so much fun. 

I had a blast at WinkyLux. The experience was great. The products are beautiful. I'm glad I discovered this space so I can put it all on Instagram. When there are places like this in the city, it makes life that much sweeter. 


  1. It is. Very relaxing and just amazing!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! This looks like so much fun!



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